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We know that you and your company are the most important partners in our organization. Therefore, our representatives embrace customer intimacy. This approach allows our team to get to know you better. We care about your satisfaction on this journey and we believe in working to deliver what we promise.
Dr. Marlene Owen, Director and Founder
My Company Helps You or Your Company to Grow Financially
No longer will you have to worry about the loss of customers that will cause loss of revenue or brand loyalty.
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Delivering Customer Satisfaction
In this course, we will look at the definition of customer service and how it is applied to our current industries. We dissect the concept and address the positives as well as the negative effects. This course is a hand-on one so come prepared to do some work!
Dealing With Difficult
This course is designed to help all those who find behaviors in others hard to cope with. Another hands-on training course where we examine different behavior patterns and find a solution that will help to better understand the reason such behavior exists. This course will help to improve or enhance the skills we have.


This course is designed for individuals or representatives of organizations. The focus is on communication and self-control. The course will definitely help to improve skills in assertive behaviors and should help you to feel better about making decisions, and when to make the right decisions.
Budgeting For Managers
Designed for budgeting managers and their associates. This course will help you to become financially savy and provide the tools necessary for you to be successful in your respective industries.
Conflict Resolution
This course will introduce real-life examples and together we will brainstorm and develop ways to solve real everyday workplace issues.
Emotional Intelligence
The course will help you to get an understanding of how emotions shape who we are, how we relate to others and how to improve relationships.
Competency Skill
This training course is designed for those with recruiting experience and selecting team members. However, participants can expect to level up on  their questioning and assessment skills by the end of this course.
Organizing Skill
As an entrepreneur, it is vital to acquire certain skills for our businesses to be successful. This course will discuss all you need to know about becoming more organized and efficient both personally and for the health of your business.
Planning & Delegation
This course is designed for leaders and managers to use effective delegation as a tool to motivate and challenge their team. In this course we will examine and consider all that we should take into account before, during and after a task has been delegated.

Management Skills

This is an interactive course that is designed to implement consistent performance management application within the business or organization. It helps managers and team leaders recognize their role and contribution to their businesses. And, to effectively manage performance and conduct at work.

Finance Training

This course will provide each participant with knowledge of the role and principles of budgeting. The training also helps representatives to gain confidence in using the basic terminology and accounting principles of financial management, for personal and business success. 

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