Dr. Marlene Owen
Our team members are experts in delivering services to maximize a memorable customer journey. Each business is unique, and so are you. We, therefore, develop and customize strategies that will satisfy your organization’s needs. These, my friends, are our ultimate game plan.
The Standard Plan
Our Standard Plan is designed to offer basic introductory consulting services. A team member will meet with each client to determine the level of need.
The Premium Plan
Designed to encourage more in-debt services. A team member, will suggest plans to align with the organization’s current goals and objectives.
The Ultimate Plan
Using a hands-on, top-to-bottom approach to find root causes that decrease productivity. Our representative will help to develop and implement strategic plans.
Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn groups are a great method for encouraging personal development and getting to know people in a setting you would not normally experience together. We are great at facilitating these events.

Online Courses

Join Us for our next Course of the R.E.A.L Series. Classes begin on June 30, 2020. Click Here to take you directly to the course information.


Our coaches, speakers, and trainers are equipped with the best materials and have developed the proper skill sets to work with you one-on-one, in group settings, and through workshops and seminars to visualize, create, and execute a customized leadership strategy to best fit your needs.


Join Us at our next event. Details to be announced soon. Stay Tuned.

Corporate Training

We work with your team to assist you and your organization by developing world-class training tailored specifically for your needs. 
Have You Heard the Latest Episode on Reciprocity?
Reciprocity is one of the five basic characteristics of solid relationships.  This video will help you to define Reciprocity, Understand why Reciprocity is important. The benefits of Reciprocity in relationships and How to show reciprocity to others.

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Upcoming Course
June 30, 2020
July 13, 2020
Attitude: Learn How To Get The R.E.A.L Journey To Satisfaction
Leadership: Learn How To Get The R.E.A.L Journey To Satisfaction
Upcoming Event
Stay Tuned
More Details will Follow
September 8, 2020
Stay Tuned
More Details will Follow
September 20, 2020
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Phone: 800-262-3095

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